Thursday, January 14, 2010

I discovered a new love

...of a certain breakfast food, that is. Crepes!
I wanted to try something different for breakfast this weekend and after spotting a recipe, thought...why not? And I gotta tell you, much easier than I thought. They probably aren't as thin as they should be, but who cares...the family was impressed:) And that's who really matters in my world.
Along with the recipe for crepes, I found a recipe for a cream to go inside and defrosted some frozen strawberries from the freezer. Oh, my, goodness!!! Delicious!
Even a certain little boy was thrilled by them...but who wouldn't be, they're basically thin pancakes. (and notice the sunshine! HALLELUJAH!!! Any more grey weather and you would have found me clawing through the snow just to remind myself that there is green grass out there. And that grass needs the sun to grow, so the sun couldn't abandon me forever!
He even tried to coax a couple extra bites out of Daddy later.


Sarah said...

Great job! Wish we could come over for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

I am on my way! Have the pilot warm up the engine. I agree, crepes and the filling are wonderful. Of course anything with sugar, pancakes and strawberries has to be good.............
Mom D

Khara said...

Mmmmmm....crepes. Next time save some for me! :)

Rita said...

Yummy! I'll be over first thing in the morning!