Thursday, January 28, 2010

A day in the life...

Wanna see a typical day at my house is like?
After waking up and having breakfast, gotta practice my crawling thing...
Do a little handyman work,
side note: check out Noah's socks...aren't they cool? He told me the giraffe is Melman from Madagascar, whoever that is.
Send Noah off to school at his castle,
Hang out with our friend and playmate, E. M.
Spend a little quality time with my big brother,
And then after lunch and nap, its snack time!!!
Animal crackers are so yummy!
But this my friends, is definitely one of the best part of the day(besides food times)...
Wrestling!!! Daddy, Noah and I get to play and wrestle together.
Look out, Daddy. Here I come!!
Mama! He pushed me!
Yes, Daddy. This would make me feel better.
But now I'm getting hungry again...could I have something to eat?
"I'll help you, Breven!"
Who better to help me than a super hero. Thank you, Superman!
And isn't he so talented, he's talking to his "boss" while he's feeding me!
And then comes Mama's favorite part of the day...snuggle time and reading time.
...and a little tickling:)


Anonymous said...

Breven - you day sure sounds like it is busy, but fun...ok, not the pushing, but the rest. I noticed that your feet are often bare, don't you like wearing socks? You sure have a neat big brother, he plays with you and helps you eat and shares his toys with you, nice to have a friend.
Love you, Nonni