Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love those red tags

A friend called this past weekend and wanted to go do some shopping. After Christmas and birthdays, I was supposed to be just window shopping, but who can pass up on these red tags?!? And even better, everything was 50% off the lowest price! WAHOO!
Not only did I get some great friend time in, but I was able to add to my wardrobe and my family's wardrobes at some super cheap prices!
And it turns out that I only spent 17% of the retail price!!!
Did someone say the word sale? Where?!? Look out, here comes the lastest bargain shopper!


Anonymous said...

I see that all that "Clearance" shopping as you were growing up has paid off well. Well done and great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom D

Aaron and Emily said...

We were both commenting on Saturday while we were shopping that its just habit to go straight to the back of the store.

Khara said...

Where did you go, Emily?

Rita said...

We always go straight to the clearance! My brother used to hate shopping with us for that very reason and probably still would! Why pay more if you don't have to?!

Aaron and Emily said...

The sale was at Old Navy.