Monday, March 12, 2007

We had a great weekend...Noah is finally feeling better and he actually slept 12 hours straight last night! YIPPEE!!!!
Yesterday, we were so proud of ourselves...we woke up with PLENTY of time to get to church and enjoyed our nice leisurely morning. We even arrived early to church, but couldn't figure out when we got there, why everyone was already in the auditorium and it wasn't even time for the service to start yet. As we snuck into the service, Aaron looked over at the clock on the wall and realized what had happened...we had totally forgotten about the time change!?!?!? Oh well, so much for being on time!!! Needless to say, it was the shortest service we've been to yet:)

Noah likes his playgym, he just has to be in the right mood to play in it.

Noah has started kicking off his socks, so his toes enjoyed the open air.

Aaron jokes that Noah sleeps snooty:) He sleeps with his nose in the air:)

He loves his bath time:)

He looks like he's already practicing his modeling techniques:)

He matches the sheets:)

His baby hot tub is getting to be too small!!! I love the look on his face:)

My 2 cute boys spend some time bonding while getting breakfast ready:) (Noah has found his thumb and chews/sucks on it all the time now)

This is how he has been sleeping since he got sick, since it helps him breathe better....looks like its back to the crib tonight, though:)


Anonymous said...

Just like his Noni - Noah doesn't like shoes!!! I know that the two of us will be hiding our shoes together someday and running barefooted across the lawn. I also love the bubbles.....the only problem is that I am just not quite close enough to tickle that tummy! Love you all, Noni

Anonymous said...

In the picture, "He matches the sheets:" I see a finger wanting to pop out. He's getting sneaky!
Proud Uncle Robb

Anonymous said...

The LORD is right,Pride comes before a fall!! In my last comment I expressed my "joy" at reponding within a few hours of that posting and now I'm a few postings behind!We can hardly wait to get there and have all the smiles,frowns, hugs&kisses that u3 can give! Love,Lolli P.S.-Big Sis the 2 or 3 of you can come twice, before&during 19-30Aug07!!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Noah back to his perky's not a:( time to be the pics...keep them coming...Guys, guess what...the sun shone :)Oh happy day!! Anyway, we love you three and stay well...UM & AM P.S. Lil Sis...what are you talking about?? I love you...will call!!!