Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hanging out at home

We enjoyed a very lazy weekend at home. Aaron was traveling for work, so Noah and I had our first pajama day. We played, slept, wiped one really runny nose and did a little cleaning too. It was so nice.

Noah really enjoys this new chair we got from our friends Andrew and Anitra. Thanks guys!! Noah likes to help me cook now.
Noah and one of his favorite toys-his orange.

Noah and monkey were pretending they were in jail. (okay, so Mommy was pretending, but atleast Noah and the monkey went along with it:))

My unhappy boy...

Enjoying some quality time with Daddy


Anonymous said...

THANKS for "reality" pics! Love u 3,Lolli
PS Thanks Va for the compliment...and when are You going to make that eye appt.? Love you 2,Patty