Saturday, November 24, 2007


We had a very nice relaxing day. We hung out at home for the morning and then spent the afternoon with our friends Josh, Erin, Josiah and Locke and their family. It was a great time of food, laughter and planning. All the girls go out the day after Thanksgiving for the CRAZY shopping. Erin has been making claims that she gets unbelievable deals and since I didn't believe her, I told her she had to prove it to me. What an experience! I was up by 3:15 and fighting the madness for almost 6 hours!! All in all, we ended up at 9 stores (not including the 2 stores Erin's sister went to when she dropped us off at one store), met some interesting people and managed to fill the car. It was a good time, but I'm still not sure it was completely worth it. Sorry, Erin, but sleep just may overrule the savings. Maybe as Noah gets older it may be more worth it when planning for Christmas and birthdays. But since we were ahead of the game this year, there really wasn't much we needed this year. So, I suppose I could say I earned my crazy shopping day Mother's badge this weekend. I can't wait to see which badge comes next:):):)

Josh, Erin, Emy & Locke

Noah liked to push around this Fisher Price garage.

I was torn between these 2 expressive pics of my boys, so I thought I'd just post them both...they're best buds in the silly times and tired times:)

I was working around the house and heard Noah crying and came to find him like this. He had gotten stuck between the couch and endtable:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update-glad you had a restful day before a madness day!
I'm inclined to agree with you dear
daughter on "the savings". Love u 3Lolli