Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cookies for the firemen

Noah and Poppi decided that they wanted to do something special for the firemen who do so much for our area and have allowed Noah to visit several times.
It was fun to watch the 2 complete this project on their own from start to finish. And they did a great job, the cookies were delicious!
Okay, so they may not look like much now, but look at all those cookies they made!
YEA!! The cookies are done. Lets go to the firestation!
And what would a visit to the firestation be without a picture in the drivers seat?
It was actually a different visit then our previous visits. We arrived at the firestation and the sidewalks were frozen sheets of ice! It took quite a while to get to the door (and although they didn't realize it at the time, Poppi, Lolli, Uncle Flip Flop and Noah were all able to get in their annual Christmas ice skating. They just didn't know it would all be on sidewalks! Poor Daddy had to miss out.)
We finally made it in and had just made it to the fire trucks when an alarm sounded and the fireman very calmly told us to step behind the yellow line. They were actually heading out to an emergency! I was amazed at just how calm it all happened. There was no running or chaos like they show in the movies.
Noah was pretty bummed when they had to leave, but the fire chief was there to finish off our tour and let us sit in one of the trucks.


shell said...

you always come up with the funnest adventures!!!

Sarah said...

What a great idea! Your boys sure have a smart and wonderful Poppi!