Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guess who came to visit?!?!

We were patiently waiting for our guests to arrive, so I'm showing B-man my new calendar. What do you think, Bweven?
Mo-oom. He won't let me hold it!
Okay, I'll play with this instead.
Pooh and I are having a snack, wanna join us?
Okay, I'm done being patient. I'll just tell you...Lolli, Poppi and Uncle Flip Flop!!!!
They came in their big, black truck and brought lots of fun things.
And who knew they'd be so willing to be silly with us. Mommy isn't nearly this fun.
Lolli was good at helping me push Breven. He's getting heavy!
Who do you think looks tougher?


Khara said...

Uncle Flip Flop? That's so cute.

Susie said...

Breven, y'know... you're looking pretty tough man, but I just don't ever see myself wanting to mess with Aunt Patty!!