Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family, projects and love, part 2

Getting some quality snuggle time in with Papa.
This is as close to the action as B could get. He wasn't quite satisfied, but throw a couple puffs his way and he calmed down:)
Looks like we wore big boy out!
Finished up the shed. Doesn't it look beautiful? Okay, so its only a shed, but if you could have only seen a before picture, you would know just how much this shed has improved. Too bad I don't have a before pic...
Starting work on the sandbox. Originally, Aaron had asked Dad to help out with building the sandbox, but we did so many other projects, it kind of fell to the wayside. They didn't start until late Wednesday night.
So they worked late into the night to try to finish. Thankfully, they were able to finish 3/4 of it and after Aaron finds his garage again, he'll be able to finish it:)
Nonni loved it when B got snuggly
Where did B go?
Hold me, Papa?
And the best part of the week-Breven started saying his first word (ball) and pushed away from the toy to stand all by himself! He's starting to walk all over the place!
And to finish it off, here's the list of all we got accomplished:
- made verenika (69 of them-traditional mennonite dish we love)
- painted laundry room doors
- painted bathroom
- put hinges on the new toybox Papa made for B
- filled holes in entertainment center
- painted garage door
- painted all the house trim
- painted shed
- replaced and painted new shed doors
- painted new shed trim
- painted outside doors
- finished 3/4 of the new sandbox