Monday, April 05, 2010

Learning, growing and enjoying the warm weather

Hanging out with Mr. Pat. He's just so much fun to play with. Now, Noah thinks that the only true way to bowl on the Wii is to kick while you're in mid-swing. Thanks, Mr. Pat.:)
That smile is when you know you should start paying closer attention
Both boys love to play with this. Its a mixer that you put various combinations of magnets on to make different recipes.
We were supposed to have a picnic with friends but it got cancelled so what do you do? Bring out that packed lunch and have a picnic on the floor.
B's getting some great skill building time in with Daddy. Now, if only he could hang up that picture for me to free up a little of Daddy's time.
We love to have dance parties together and this is Noah's favorite prop.
He spent forever on the porch that day. It was really nice out side and he was waiting for a friend to come over and I think he stayed on that litle stoop for close to an hour and didn't want to come inside!
And some rare photos...quick! Catch 'em while you can: